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EZ-Pilot EZ-Pilot EZ-Pilot

The EZ-Pilot is a more integrated assisted steering solution than the EZ-Steer. It fits directly to the steering column, controlling the steering using an electric motor and taking its guidance from select Trimble displays.



The EZ-Pilot’s terrain compensation module (T3) benefits from a third axis sensor, compensating for roll, pitch and yaw. The fast reacting motor gets the vehicle on line quicker and keeps it there. The EZ-Pilot also works with an optional footswitch, so you can engage the steering without touching your display. With a multitude of vehicles supported, the EZ-Pilot assisted steering system is an ideal solution for many operations.

  • Reduced fatigue – Handsfree guidance allows you to focus on the task at hand and the performance of your machine
  • Clutter free cab – The EZ-Pilot integrates directly on to the steering column, giving clear access to all instrument panels
  • Quick disengagement – When you require to steer manually, access is completely unrestricted when assisted steering is not engaged
  • Display compatibility – Compatible with TMX-2050, FmX Integrated display, CFX-750 and CFX-750 Lite
With your purchase

EZ-Pilot motor and T3 module

Power and display cabling

Sonar alert for engage/disengage and end of row warning

Platform kit for your vehicle

Replacement steering wheel

Optional footswitch

Optional steering wheel knob

2 years warranty cover




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