The fully integrated automated steering system from Trimble. It provides high accuracy, quick responding steering in any field type. The Autopilot system automatically steers your vehicle on line with maximum precision, increasing your productivity.

  • Reduced fatigue – handsfree guidance allows you to focus on the task at hand and the performance of your machine
  • Clutter free cab – because the Autopilot is fully integrated into your vehicle, cab controls remain clear. If your vehicle is autoguidance ready (AGR), Autopilot plugs straight in, minimising the need for any extra cabling.
  • Precise steering – Autopilot will get you online quicker than any of our steering systems, and keep you there. It can work at speeds up to 40kph, and you can benefit from the highest levels of accuracy
  • Display compatibility – Compatible with the TMX-2050, FmX Integrated display, CFX-750 and CFX-750 Lite.
  • 2 years warranty cover
  • The Autopilot system can either plumb into an AGR vehicle with cables, or we can retrofit it to non-AGR vehicles using hydraulics, thanks to our hydraulics experts. Once installed, you can guide your vehicle with 2.5cm repeatability (signal correction dependent) on rolling terrain, slopes and rough ground. Advanced T3 sensors in the Nav III controller compensate on roll, pitch and yaw, reducing overlaps between each pass.