Trimble’s entry level steering system. The EZ-Steer system turns the steering wheel using a friction wheel and a motor, taking its guidance from any Trimble display. It uses a terrain compensation module (T2) which will compensate on two axes (roll and yaw), keeping you on line even on rough terrain.

  • Improved operations – Hands free guidance reduces fatigue, improves safety and gives you freedom
  • Easy transferability – Transferring between vehicles can take less than 30 minutes, keeping you going when you need to most
  • Quick disengagement – The motor can be locked away from the steering wheel when you want to steer manually
  • Increased productivity – keeping your machinery online reduces overlap and saves you money and time
  • Display compatibility – The EZ-Steer system is compatible with all steering ready Trimble displays
  • The EZ-Steer also works with an optional footswitch, so you can engage the steering without touching your display.

    With your purchase

  • EZ-Steer motor and T2 module
  • Power and display cabling
  • 2 pack of foam wheels
  • Bracket to fit the motor to your steering wheel
  • Optional footswitch
  • 2 years warranty cover