Connected Farm


Connected Farm is a cloud-based solution with varying levels of access depending on what data you want to look at.

Connected Farm Field

Provides you with task data collected by your Trimble display. It is also available as a smartphone app. Collect data such as
  • Field names
  • Material application
  • Yield maps
  • This can either be sent over via USB transfer, or with Office Sync, which uses a subion and a DCM300 modem to report wireless to Connected Farm. Once the data is in your Connected Farm account, it can be shared with trusted advisors to enable efficient collaboration. Field data can also be shared with a vehicle in the same field using Vehicle Sync unlock on both Trimble displays and a DCM300 modem in each vehicle.

    Connected Farm Fleet

    A fleet management tool which pinpoints the location, productivity and performance of your vehicles wirelessly using a DCM300 modem. Efficiently manage maintenance, refueling, delivery of material and other needs to keep your fleet running smoothly. It is also available as a smartphone app. Collect data such as
  • Fuel usage
  • Oil pressure
  • Trends in vehicle health
  • Productivity
  • Time spent idling, moving, working and travelling
  • Connected Farm Dashboard

    Where you can view all of this information together, and you can add and remove widgets such as commodity prices, a map of your farm, weather and Field or Fleet.

    Connected Farm Scout app

    Used for mapping field boundaries, marking flags and entering scouting information.
  • Capture images of pests, weeds or diseases
  • View crop health imagery in the background to help with targeted scouting
  • Calculate nitrogen application rates using crop readings from the GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor