CenterPoint RTK


RTK, or real-time kinematic, is the most precise signal correction from Trimble. By using the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations, it is the most accurate and repeatable signal, giving you accuracy of <2.5cm. RTK signal is provided from base stations that transmit the signal in a 10km radius (depending on topography), from either a fixed or mobile location. With AS Communications, you have multiple options to make RTK accessible for your farm:

  • Have your own fixed base station – we will scan your farming area to find the most appropriate location and install a fixed base station (generally attached to a building)
  • Have your own mobile base station – with a tripod and a 12v battery, you can move your base station to new locations as you need it
  • Host an ASCNET base station – we are continually expanding our own network, and you could be in an area without RTK, so speak to us today to find out about hosting an ASCNET base station (1 year free RTK signal for all your displays, subion-based thereafter)